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Art festival concludes millennium celebrations

An art and cultural festival and firework displays that took place at the My Dinh National Stadium on October 10 concluded ten days of celebrations for the Millennium of Thang Long-Hanoi.

The festival, entitled “Thang Long-Hanoi: City of Soaring Dragon”, reviewed major milestones in the history of the Vietnamese nation in general and Hanoi in particular, including King Ly Cong Uan’s capital transfer in 1010, the Tran Dynasty’s three victories over Chinese Mongol invaders, King Le Loi’s sword return, President Ho Chi Minh with the Independence Declaration, and Hanoi, the city for peace.

The event drew the participation of nearly 7,000 artists, athletes and students of art and sports schools.

Notably, a set of 100 bronze drums casted by artisans from the central province of Thanh Hoa was used during the festival.
Updated : 15-10-2010 22:36:05
Source : VNA
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