Concerts in Kuala Lumpur

Music has always been a key form of entertainment for people. In Kuala Lumpur, local artistes share the limelight with international favourites to spring forth their music.

As Kuala Lumpur has a mixed society, you can find local Malay, Chinese and Indian singers holding concerts, some of them being famous enough to be recognised in other Southeast Asian countries that speak the same dialects in Malaysia.

On the other hand, world-famous pop and rock bands from America and Europe often hold concerts in Kuala Lumpur stadiums, attracting large crowds in the thousands. Canto-pop singers from Hong Kong and Taiwan are extremely popular and make regular appearances in Malaysia, along with the occasional Indonesian or Bollywood group. Billboards are always put up around strategic points of the city and announced on local media, so you'll always be in the know about the latest concerts.

Finally, for something more refined, you can try the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, which is located in the world's second largest building, the Petronas Twin Towers . With a world-class hall and a skilled group of musicians, the Philharmonic Orchestra holds chamber concerts regularly every month. From time to time, other classical virtuosos will make guest performances.