Laksa is a spicy noodle soup native to Malaysia and Singapore. While there are plenty of varieties to be found in Malaysia, Penang's Asam Laksa is considered by many to be among the best dishes in Malaysia.

A special from Penang consisting of thick rice noodles in a spicy and sour fish-based soup with pineapple, cucumber and onions. A sweet, thick prawn paste may be added for extra flavor.

Spicy noodle soup, usually refers to two types :
- Curry laksa, noodles served in creamy coconut curry soup
- Assam laksa, noodles served in sour fish soup
There are also other varieties of laksa depending on the state where it is from.

The signature dish of the island state of Georgetown Penang,  asam laksa's main ingredient is shredded fish, typically the Ikan Kembung, a mackeral native to Penang. However, the ingredient which distinguishes this dish from others of its kind by giving it its zippy sweet-and-sour flavour, is tamarind. The tamarind fruit lends its Malay name (asam) to the dish and is a popular ingredient in many Malaysian recipes.

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