Nasi Goreng

Forget all you know about fried rice as you understand it today - one bite of Malaysian Fried Rice, or Nasi Goreng, and you'll agree; its flavour dwarfs all others by comparison! Made by covering or wrapping chicken fried rice, in fried egg. It is often served with chili sauce, cucumber.

Although prepared similarly in Chinese cuisine, the ingredients are what make the difference...

A mixture of spices, seasonings and that secret Malay ingredient, belacan, blankets day-old long grain rice (contains less moisture) and gives each grain of rice a hint of flavour. When eaten by the spoonful, you'll be hit with a savory experience unlike any fried rice you've encountered!

Nasi Goreng can be served as a side dish, or topped off with chicken, pork, egg and/or shrimp to make a complete meal. In addition, there are many types of Nasi Goreng: curry flavoured, accompanied with sauce, mixed with salted-fish, etc.

No matter what the variety is, Malaysian Nasi Goreng is sure to change your definition of fried rice!

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