The famous Petaling Street is Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown – a vibrant marketplace for Chinese-centric goods such as medicines and herbs to more contemporary items like fashion accessories and electronic products.

Affectionately called 'Chee Chong Kai', which means 'Starch Factory Street', Petaling Street was once a tapioca mill for Chinese labourers. Slowly, it became the large, noisy and popular market it is today as business associations, temples and societies rose up.

From early afternoon till late at night, the entire street is cluttered with stalls peddling all manner of goods from under the sun. From Holland grapes to Taiwanese batteries and cigarette lighters to souvenir shirts, Petaling Street is a hive of commercial activity. Perhaps most famous among its goods are pirated products, ranging from the latest movies on DVD to China-made 'Rolex' watches and 'Versace' jeans to imitation Ray-bans. Don't forget to haggle! No price is set in stone. The prices are raised extremely high but you can bargain them all the way down, sometimes to more than half the price.

Besides shopping, a number of Chinese al-fresco restaurants are situated at an intersection of Petaling Street. These are popular places for tourists to eat at night. You can also pick up a snack from the many stalls that sell traditional delicacies such as pastries, savoury meats and cakes.

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