Pasar Malam

Night Markets, which are called 'Pasar Malam', are a very prominent feature of Malaysian shopping. They're available in every state and popular because they allow locals to do shopping for their household needs within their own residential areas.

Night markets are basically streets which are converted for one day only in a week into a market-place, usually in housing estates of residential areas.

In Kuala Lumpur, you can find many night markets happening each day in different places throughout the week. In these Pasar Malams, expect to find all sorts of merchandise under the sun. You can buy various items such as household goofs, audio/visual equipment, batteries, trinkets etc. Even more popular are pirated goods that display prominent brand names from 'Gucci' handbags to 'Nike' T-shirts and 'Rolex' watches to the latest cinematic offerings on DVD.

You can also shop for fruits and other fresh produce or try out different kinds of cakes and food. Visiting the Pasar Malam is indeed a popular pastime for locals after dinner, to just stroll around, look and shop as they walk from one end to the other.

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